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Survival Food

2,000+ calories per day – Up to 25-Year Shelf Life – Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Drinks & Snacks – Complete, Hearty, Tasty, and Easy-to-Prepare meals all grown & packaged here in the USA.

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Air Purifiers

Wildfire Smoke. Germs. Pet Dander. Pollen. Mold. Viruses. Smog. The Alexapure Breeze is ideal for people who suffer from allergies and nasal allergies or are sensitive to wildfire smoke.

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Survival Gear

In a crisis, there are many times we can't depend on the electricity or modern appliances in our homes. In fact, you may need to "bug out." Having a compact, portable cooking solution that tucks into your "go bag" is essential for survival.

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Survival Books

Anyone who wants to learn basic living skills-the kind employed by our forefathers-and adapt them for a better life in the twenty-first century need look no further than this eminently useful, full-color guide. 

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Water Filtration

The Alexapure Pro Ultimate Flow Kit includes every possible accessory you can imagine, giving you the ultimate in convenience, performance and longevity.

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First Aid Kits

Cuts, scrapes, burns and stings can happen anytime. They happen more often in emergencies or disaster situations. Dispensing first aid quickly and effectively is critical in these situations.

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Home Safety Kits

Our Premium 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit has everything recommended by the Department of Homeland Security and more!  Housed in an easy-to-see bright red backpack, the Premium 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit (a complete 3-day supply) contains food, water, light, first aid supplies, tools and protection against the harsh elements of weather and particulate contaminants.

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Office Safety Kits

All our food and water products are approved by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the United States Coast Guard. They are non-thirst provoking, they withstand temperatures of 22° F to 149° F (- 6° C to 65° C), and they all have a 5 year shelf life, so you don’t have to worry about spoilage. MOST IMPORTANTLY,  they are all manufactured right here in the USA under strict quality control. Protect your family and feel secure in the quality of products you are purchasing.

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Car Safety Kits

This Premium Kit comes equip with everything you need for a Roadside Emergency.

Kit includes:

- Mayday Reflecting Triangle
- Folding Snow Shovel 
- Jumper Cables 
- Revolving Sign Light 
- Flat Tire Fixer
- Tow Rope 
- 54 Piece First Aid Kit
- High Visibility Yellow Blanket 
- Safety Vest
- Distress Banner
 and more!

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Solar Generator Kits

Browse our collection of complete solar generator kits. We carry all of the best solar generator kit brands from EcoFlow and Goal Zero to Inergy, Bluetti Renogy, & Titan. 

If you're looking to learn more about solar generators, we recommend reading our Complete Solar Generator Buyer's Guide here.

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Solar Panels & Kits

Our solar panels are made from high quality monocrystaline, meaning they will do very well in low light conditions. They also come with tough aluminum frames with pre-drilled holes and are corrosion resistant which makes them perfect for outdoor use (rain or shine) and a great option for RV's, Van's, Skoolies, boats, solar generators and more! Easily mount these on a roof, ground mounts or even just leaning in the sun. 

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Solar Storage & Batteries

Smart battery management systems with low temperature cut off protection, even in very cold locations so you don’t have to worry about moving the battery to your bedroom!

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